say no to the standard american diet

Before you can understand the benefits of eating whole raw living foods you must learn why the food you are eating now is detrimental to your health and happiness. The body replaces it's tissues on a daily basis. Is this the food you want growing your mind and body?

  • Eating animal flesh has a documented association with high blood pressure, higher cholesterol, obesity, cancer,autoimmune and heart disease.
  • Everyday nearly 2400 Americans die from some sort of heart disease. That equals to 1 death every 36 seconds!
  • The protein in cow's milk called casein is directly linked to cancer and osteoporosis
  • Genetically modified organisms and processed foods are literally made in labs and are not meant for human consumption.
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all transportation combined!

why raw

The benefits of a raw food diet are endless. When you decide to become conscious of what you put inside your body that is when the magic happens. Eat raw to:

  • Prevent diseases

  • Weight-loss

  • Clear glowing Skin

  • Increased Energy

  • Total body health

  • Save lives and the environment!