Dangers of toxic household products

 Toxins just don't  come in the form of food. Toxins run rampant in the standard American way of living. They are hidden everywhere from your deodorant to your toothpaste.  Its not only important to remove the toxins from your food, but also to remove the toxins from everywhere in your life ,especially your cleaning products. These toxins are known carcinogens and cause the body to breakdown.


Young living essential oils are by far the best alternative to replace the toxic cleaning supplies, toxic medicine, deodorant, toxic creams, and much more. They are oils pressed from real living plants and make a great substitute to everyday toiletries.

The premium kit comes with 11 different bottles of oil (lavender, peppermint, copaiba, frankincense, lemon, RC, thieves, purification, panaway, digize, and stressaway) and  a diffuser. The diffuser is great for using at night to get to sleep, also in times of illness to clean the air, to help relieve congestion, and just to lift the mood or calm the room.
The diffuser retails for $100 so that makes the essential oils only $60 which is around $5 an oil and is an awesome deal.
The way that the oils for the kit were selected is because they are so versatile. It's everything you need to start successfully oiling, it totally takes out the stress out of what oils to start with.

Once you order your kit , you will have complete access to the Wild Thyme Oil Tribe . The Wild Thyme Tribe is a group with a certified aromatherapist. You will learn how to use your oils for everything from cleaning to clearing a stomach bug up fast!

Click the link below , choose MEMBER, select your choice of diffuser, and check out!